Be Stimulated.  Be Fuelled.  Be Energised at Work. 

The Career Ignition Club has been created by the career experts and founders of Position Ignition, one of the UK’s leading career consulting, career change and career development companies.  

We believe that everybody has the opportunity to make the right career choices and to craft their career in their own way. We also believe that there is no reason why you should need to do this alone.  

That is why we created this resource, so that we can learn together and support each other through each of our career journeys. We have developed and gathered some of the industry’s best career support tools to help you progress through your career.  





What is the Career Ignition Club?

An online support & learning system

A career change and enhancement tool

A life boosting forum

A gym for your mind and career






Who is it for?

Career conscious individuals interested in:

Making a Career Change

Changing Career Direction 

Developing New Skills 

Career Planning & Development




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