Career Practitioners Toolkit

Welcome to this online career and coaching support centre. Here you will find a select sample of materials designed to help you and your coachees in their career. There is much more content available to view within our Career Ignition Club, and in our archive, however we hope that this set of materials give you an idea of some of the content we have.

Quick Tips









Support Modules

View these 45 minute support modules for expert insight into these areas. In our archive we have nearly 100 webinars each covering different aspects of key career skills, learning and the career development journey.  If you would like to experience a live webinar session you can sign up to one here:www.positionignition.com/workshops-and-webinars


Other topics cover areas such as:

  • Career change / Finding your passions / Exploring options
  • Preparing and Handling Interviews / Using LinkedIn / Redundancy
  • Networking / Personal Branding / Pitching and Packaging yourself
  • Leadership Skills / Negotiation / Delegation / Cross-Culture Leadership
  • Managerial Skills / Using Coaching Skills / Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Speaking
  • Work-Life Balance / Resilience
  • Time management
  • Conflict management / Teamwork

 And more!

For more example webinars visit here: www.careerignitionclub.com/webinars-on-demand/ 


These easy-to-read checklists can be printed out and referred to as and when you need them. 








In our archive our tipsheets cover both career transition and career development areas:

Examples of Career Transition tipsheets:

  • Overcoming Career Change Fears
  • How to Recover from a Bad Interview
  • How to Apply for Jobs Online
  • 5 Ways to Target the Right Job
  • 10 Tips on Using LinkedIn
  • How to Sell Yourself Effectively

 Examples of Career Development tipsheets: 

  • 10 Tips for Managing a Heavy Workload
  • 10 Steps to Negotiating a Pay Rise
  • 8 Ways to Use Coaching Skills at Work
  • 5 Ways Introverts Get Ahead
  • 10 Ways to Help Your Boss Understand What You Do 

Career Workbooks

Here we have 2 example workbooks for you to download and view. Workbooks offer a structured way to learn and work practically through a specific career challenge.








Career eBooks

Here are 2 of our eBooks for you to explore. You can download each eBook in PDF format and they are between 15-30 pages long. Our eBooks are very popular in the market and you can see our full list of eBooks here: www.positionignition.com/ebooks

Redundancy eBook

A step-by-step guide to getting back on track after redundancy.


125 Twitter Job Search Tips

A structured guide to using Twitter effectively for your job search