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Inside the Career Ignition Club, you will find a wealth of career change resources - from tips, tools and advice sheets through to hearing from the experts live and getting their opinions on the spot.

Whether you've just started to think about your career change, want to explore your options or are clear about what you want and could do with some help in getting it - there will be plenty of support tools to help you.

Access On-Demand Training & Webinars (unlimited access) e.g.

Making a Career Change

Career Options Exploration

Selling and Marketing Yourself

Dealing with Redundancy

Managing Careers in Mid Life 

Managing Career Transitions

Reinventing Your Career

Networking for Career Change

Igniting Job Searches

Career Change Success Secrets















Get Expert Advice Through Live Sessions (every month)

Alison Finlay

Simon North

Penny Gundry

Andrew Gannon

Nisa Chitakasem










Never be short on Learning Materials (eBooks, checklists, worksheets & more!) e.g.

















Also never be alone again. Get help through our forum, get inspiration and ideas in our dedicated inspiration section and ask our experts for help if you get stuck. There are monthly refreshes in content giving you the most up-to-date and extensive career support and career building platform.



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